Log cut Optimization CNC software

Its is very simple to program and operate log cut optimization software on REXWOOD sawmill, where the user can insert required lumber sizes and choose lumber position radial/standard(tangential) and vertical/horizontal as well as output options as business boards only or when some wane is accepted.  Lumber output can go as high as 65% (depends on actual log cone ) when chosen business boards only and up to 98 % when business and boards with some wane are accepted. Therefore wood waste is minimal if compared to ordinary sawmills.

Please note if log cut has been programmed with slabs for further resaw at REXWOOD sawmill multi-rip saw side attachment, that will also bring additional savings in recovered wood, as sawdust volume will be reduced from 10 to 5 % because of the thickness difference between main saw (5.5 mm) and multirip saw (2.4) mm. Switching to manual mode and back to automatic sawmill operation is allowed at any time !

Sawing radial lumber is hard task but made easy at REXWOOD mobile shipping container sawmill. After selection of lumber sizes for radial cutting,  program positions lumber in saw plan for best RADIAL lumber output. However it is possible to add manually more lumber sizes to recover more wood and increase overall lumber output (please see embedded video on the left). Simple standard solution is also available for sawing mix of tangential and radial boards; output of business boards reaches 65% and boards with wane allowed to 33%, therefore 98% of the wood is recovered from the log.