Planning to start log house construction business and would like to get log milling lathe machine delivered in one package to avoid costly  housing construction/renovation and engineering/electrical works at your business location ? 

There is good solution for it - REXWOOD ready for factory floor installation or  mobile 40' shipping container installed Log Milling machine LPR-80P-T16 (option: T20 M for factory floor)   capable of cutting up to 24 of round milled logs per 10 hrs shift (output is based on average log diameter of 300 mm with 8000 mm length).  

Operational within 2 hours after delivery, REXWOOD 40' container Log Milling Lathe also can be deployed deep in the forest with supplementary 20' container installed diesel generator thus you will be able to deliver rounded and precise notched logs with variable log stack connection profiles (tongue and groove, Swedish cup, flat inside, etc.,) only, leaving wood shavings and sawdust behind to be processed with timber logging site fall outs. 

All REXWOOD equipment either designed for sawmill floor installation or comes factory installed in 40' container with electrically open side ramps and consist of:

Electric motors operated log loading ramp installed on L 8.5 x W 2.4 meters side ramp operated by 24 V DC actuators.
Electric motors operated milled log unloading ramp installed on L 8.5 x W 2.4 meters side ramp operated by 24 V DC actuators. 

7.6 kWt sawdust aspiration system connected with H 2000 mm x D 800 mm cyclone attachment and 3 meters cleaning hose.

Container and tents Illumination: 4 x 65 Wt (3000 lumen) LED ceiling lights, 220 V AC.

Two tents: inter container span work tent L12 x W6 x 4.6 m and lumber sorting and storage tent L12 x W x 3.6 m 

Twenty HDPE ground mats T 14 mm L 2400 mm x 1200 mm to keep your storage and work tents floor tidy in field locations.

REXWOOD Factory floor or Mobile Log Milling machine LPR-80P-T16

REXWOOD   LPR-80P-T16 (T20)

Mobile Log Milling machine  characteristics: