Multirip side attachment material capacity:

Processing length:       min 800 mm

Processing width:         max 400 mm

Processing thickness: min 30 mm - max 120 mm

Amount of saw blades: 10 x 2

Saw blade size: 255 * 80 mm (thickness 2.4 mm)

Saw electric motors: 2 x 30 kWt

Cutting speed: adjustable material feeding of 0 – 20 meters per minute

In feed and out feed roller tables with laser positioning beam.

Support frame with roller for in feed slab.

Manual winch operated roll out drive to L 10.4 meter x W 2.4 meter container side ramp.


Production capacity of main container dimensional saw + side ramp multirip saw : 40 m3 of edged lumber per 12 hr work shift (calculated on infeed of average 250 mm log diameter, 6000 mm in length). Bigger diameter logs provide higher lumber output.

Multirip sawmill side ramp attachment 400-120

Standard part of REXWOOD container based sawmill is multirip saw attachment with 10 x 2 sawdisc that brings sawmill productivity up to 40 m3 of edged boards per shift.
REXWOOD  main dimensional two disc saw can make edged slabs in sizes up to 200 x 120 mm for further sawing in to boards on multi rip attachment.

REXWOOD main dimensional two disc saw can make unedged slabs in sizes up to 400 x 120 mm for further sawing in to boards on multi rip attachment. Positioning of the sawdiscs from 90 deg.    to 180 deg. (parallel) is required.

REXWOOD sawmill multirip saw side attachment will also bring additional savings in recovered wood, as produced sawdust volume will be reduced from 13% to 5 % because of the thickness difference between REXWOOD main saws (5.5 mm) and multirip saws (2.4 mm).
REXWOOD custom solutions offers even larger sizes of the slabs, please contact us for the quote.