Using wood chips for clean energy production

The wood gasification container solution enables a decentralized generation of electricity and heat using local wood, tailored to your needs.

The EnergyBlock  is unique to the bioenergy industry. It is a perfectly coordinated complete system, consisting of a wood gasifier unit, a combined heat and power unit (CHP) and intelligent control system. Compact in 20- or 40-foot containers, all components are pre-installed and perfectly adapted to your individual requirements. This not only simplifies the installation, but also allows extremely fast start up, so you can benefit straight away. The system offers huge flexibility due to it’s modular design and ability to cascade the biomass power plants for maximum performance.  

EnergyBlock can be optimally adapted to suit your unique situation and environment. Further customization is enabled by the wide range of the power spectrum. The turnkey wood gasifier container solution can be operated with wood chips, pellets or briquettes. 

Off-grid & diesel generator replacement with turnkey wood gasifier container solution

The demand for an innovative energy technology in the renewable sector is becoming even more relevant due to the continuing rise in electricity costs, fossil fuel dependency and limited regional supply options.  EnergyBlock offers an excellent opportunity to replace existing expensive electricity from diesel generator units.
Especially in isolated regions, like the forests of Canada, EnergyBlock is ideal off-the-grid solution for generating an environmentally friendly energy supply where its needed the most. 

EnergyBlock - the turnkey wood gasifier container solution in the overview:

·         Complete solution for electricity and heat generation from biomass

·         Can be fueled with wood chips, pellets and briquettes

·         Off-grid & on-grid operation possible

·         Easy installation by factory pre-assembly

·         Quick startup

·         Compact, space-saving design

·         Variable setup options

·         No building permit required in many countries

·         Can be combined with all system components such as conveyor systems, ash removal systems or fuel dryers

                             Made in Germany.

We offer also custom-made  container installed
260 kWA wood waste co-generation plants that are made in the European Union.

20' DC and 40' DC container installed wood waste gasification power plant

Power your REXWOOD mobile sawmill anywhere in the forest when power grid is not available or is just not sufficient.
Highly fuel efficient this power solution will save a lot on the logistics cost, allowing you to take from the forest valuable lumber only. Coming from sawmill sawdust and wood shavings will be gasified together with chipped timber waste at the logging site to produce electric energy and heat for mobile lumber vacuum Kiln Dryers (coming soon).
These are great savings on electricity production and edged lumber delivery straight out of the forest when compared to timber delivery, you save minimum 40% on the cargo payload of fuel thirsty trucks voyage to stationery sawmills.

Technical data - wood chip drying systems

 6SBT-5 / 6SBT-25 / 12SBT-25

Drying output per day*

Up to 5 – 35 m³ dried wood chips

Capacity storage bunker

6 m: ~ 2-16 m³

12 m: ~ 25 m³

Layer height of the wood chips

0,4 m – 0,6 m


6 m: 6 m x 2,4 m 2,6 m

12 m: 12 m x 2,4 m x 2,6 m


Technical data of medium-scale wood gasfication plant HKA 35/45/49:

Biomass power plant - medium scale gasifier

HKA 35

HKA 45

HKA 49

Electrical power

35 kWel

45 kWel

49 kWel

Heat power

79,5 kWth

102,2 kWth

111,3 kWth

Wood chip quality

Natural wood

Max. water content < 13 %

Max. fines (< 4 mm grain size) 30 %

Wood chip consumption*

0,9 kg/kWhel

0,9 kg/kWhel

0,9 kg/kWhel

Outlet temperature


Return temperature


The biomass power plants HKA 35, HKA 45 and HKA 49 consist of a wood gasifier unit and a downstream combined heat and power plant (CHP). Several hundred of these tried-and-tested biomass power plants are in operation around the world and reliably produce large amounts of electricity and heat for big companies and wellness resorts.

The biomass power plant's average running time per year is around 8,000 operating hours. 

The most recent innovation is the new geometry of the reformer on the biomass power plant HKA 49. Together with the highly efficient 8-litre engine, this is a superior product with exceptional performance on the wood gasification market.  

Medium-scale biomass power plant HKA 35/45/49 - in the overview:

·         100 times proven and tested

·         deal for high energy requirements

·         Patented wood gasification technology

·         Innovative reform building

·         High fuel flexibility

·         Intelligent control technology with modern touch display

·         Adjustable