Aspen logs are being cut in to slabs at REXWOOD 40' container installed mobile sawmill; aspen slabs are further cut in to boards at integrated multi-rip saw attachment.
I am sure that there are many thoughts around how to combine mobile sawmill advantages with stationery sawmill production rate to get good volume of sawn lumber delivered directly out of the logging site or timber sorting site.  The idea is always has been to get best out of the forest leaving the rest behind and save a lot on the logistics costs. Wood shavings and sawdust can be treated together with logging falls at fraction of the cost that might occur once brought out.

One of the answers is already here: REXWOOD 40' HC shipping container installed sawmill.

This is versatile combination of high output wood saving dimensional sawmill with CNC programmable log cut optimization and side attachment of multi-rip saw that can cut up to eleven boards out of the slab in one run.  Dimensional sawmill provides 65% output of business boards plus about 30% of boards with partial wane on them (once this option was selected before cut) that can be trimmed out at the same site by optional trimmer saw.  Therefore good quality but shorter then  business boards will add to overall production capacity. Powered by 20' HC installed 240 kVa diesel generator, REXWOOD sawmill can be deployed with couple of hours deep in the forest with work area and warehouse tents included, that require one day each to be put up, providing sufficient work environment to ensure high production rate.
Shipping container factory installed concept of both REXWOOD sawmill and diesel generator power unit makes worldwide delivery very easy and at very attractive shipping price.

The cost of production of 40 m3 of edged boards is very favorable, considering diesel consumption of thirsty log trucks and load weight that can drive. It better be all lumber on them rather than bark and wane and wood yet to become sawdust.  It is a simple rule of economics.

No matter where, from deep forests of Amazon to Siberian wast areas, from African virgin forests to endless pine and spruce woods of North America,  electric driven (no hydraulics !) REXWOOD sawmill can be delivered and deployed anywhere where standard shipping container side loading truck can go.

Here is video example of the cutting process: aspen cut in to slabs and slabs cut in to boards. Aspen is a tricky wood, it is very nice and highly priced  for its thermal capacity, color and grain but very wood consuming at  sorting. Aspen is plentiful in the forest, but trucking it out of the forest means that only  15 (fifteen !) percent of the wood in logs will turn in to high dollar aspen boards, the rest (sorted out lumber, wood shavings, sawdust and..moisture !) will drag down overall production price.  Thus REXWOOD mobile 40' HC shipping container installed sawmill can make 40 m3 of aspen boards in one work shift (10 hrs) deep in the forest and truck will take these boards only that will be sold at top dollars. The rest will be treated with logging waste, no harm done to nature that makes REXWOOD sawmill stand out for its care for ecology and nature. Moisture in boards once waiting for the loading will be reduced too, as evaporation from the edged boards is very good, theretofore also reducing the truck load.  That is why REXWOOD sawmill concept was created. Look at the videos below and see for yourself. It is just one example, I am sure that there will be smart heads to think about other advantages of REXWOOD mobile sawmill.

Best regards,
Serge Antonov
C.E.O. , concept developer

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