Customized sizes of spruce lumber are being cut at REXWOOD mobile sawmill for export.
Spruce beams cutting at REXWOOD mobile 40' shipping container sawmill. REXWOOD sawmill is at operation at export sorting site where spruce, pine, alder and birch timber is being loaded in to 40' HC shipping containers to be delivered worldwide. Some timber will not survive long voyage in containers, therefore logging export company has taken decision to cut it in to lumber at the site, saving on the logistics where costly steps have been avoided: timber loading on the truck, unloading from the trucks, sawing at stationery sawmill, loading of the lumber on the trucks and delivery back to the site to be loaded in to containers. REXWOOD provided high quality lumber at place, to be air dried and then loaded in to 40' HC containers for export. Precision log cut optimization software ensures 70% output of saw falling lumber.