Mobile rapid deployed REXWOOD sawmill for Combat Engineers 
Since early times combat engineers employed mobile sawmills for production of various sized lumber for field use, we have seen a lot of examples since Ancient times to WW I, WW II, Korean and Vietnam wars as well as in smaller sized war conflicts. First mobile sawmill units were clumsy as were copy-cats of stationery sawmill but put on different carriages.

Later attempts were made in different countries to utilize standard shipping container frame to deliver sawmill to the site, but this design still requires time consuming heavy machinery unpacking and installation; lumber sized production is limited and requires a lot onsite half finished products transfer. 

REXWOOD mobile dimensional sawmill is new technological step forward in field materials production for Signal and Engineering Corps.   It takes only 30 minutes for combat version of REXWOOD mobile sawmill to become completely operational after delivery to production site. In 5 hours dark green heavy duty tents are erected to cover lumber production and storage areas with thick HDPE ground mats laid.

REXWOOD high production rate is achieved not only by wise combination of two disc dimensional CNC controlled sawmill with multi saw side ramp attachment, but  also by implementing good working condition with cover from the elements. Soldiers operating REXWOOD sawmill work faster and more efficiently as they are not soaking in the rain and not drowning in the mud thanks for the above mentioned workplace amenities. 
REXWOOD  log saw optimization software allows to rapidly cut same log (without shifting it and therefore minimizing production transfer time ) into various adjustable lumber dimensions (please refer to the gallery below), saving time and providing solid wood output with efficiency as high as 85% (with some wane allowed). Sawdust is neatly delivered by powerful aspiration system into BigBags ready to be used on the filed for different purposes.
Sawmill's electric power diesel generator is installed in 40' HC container that forms an integral part of the sawmill+work tent+generator setup.
Once the task has been completed, REXWOOD mobile sawmill can be rapidly relocated to new job site, packing takes maximum 5 hours and the crew of 4 workers to do that; if tents could be left behind then it would take just one hour to pack up and be ready for the new assignment.

REXWOOD engineers can provide customized  solutions for specific requirements (log lengths up to 8 m, log diameter up to 1.2 m, custom multi-saw spacer thickness, profiled log production, etc ).