REXWOOD features shipping container installed rapid deployed mobile sawmill for Off-The-Grid log house construction with own lumber, milled logs, wood ash cement, electric and thermal energy production !
Here and there we, almost everyone of us, sometimes think to start living Off-The-Grid and these thoughts get stronger when disaster strikes like environmental pollution or pandemic diseases spread.  When we decided to get out to the woods and quickly settle there with all amenities we could possibly get so we and our kids could live safe, longer and happy, we start thinking:  where do we begin?

The best is the location with water, rich soil and forest. All of it will provide us with food and shelter.
But how to get building materials for the house, electricity and heat at one place ? Here is one solution:

REXWOOD rapid deployed modified shipping container installed mobile sawmill that covers 90% of log house construction demand in lumber with various dimensions for structural elements and cladding:
as well as milled and profiled logs for wall construction:

To power sawmill off-the-grid you have two options to get heat and electric power; first and more affordable one is electricity generators installed in shipping container and working on diesel fuel, they are powerful enough to supply your REXWOOD sawmill and your house (or charge batteries) at the same time:

While your dream house is being constructed, we offer ready-to-move-in modified expandable shipping container houses:
and work/storage heavy duty tents with HDPE sheets flooring:
with more tent options available:

For those who want ecologically friendly and completely off-the-grid solution to provide electricity, heating, soil fertilizer and cement for brick manufacturing we offer modified shipping containers installed  co-generation plants, that take a few days to set up.
As the only fuel co-generation units use wood waste coming from REXWOOD mobile sawmill after lumber and milled logs production.
Co-generation unit gasifies sawmill's and logging wood waste to produce biogas that drives engine with electricity generator. Electric and thermal energy is being produced together with by-products such as wood tar and wood ash. 
Here is small scale generation unit photo gallery:

And here is 260 kVA co-generation unit setup powerful enough to drive sawmill and log miller at the same time (photo of free-standing version, shipping containers installed type is also available): By-products, such as wood ash wood tar, are very useful too, as they are clean and do not have harmfull impurities.
Wood ash can be directly used as very good soil fertilizer. Do you remember the past when first people on Earth had to burn down forests to clean up and fertilize the soil with wood ash for farming? They had to move to other location when soil became depleted in minerals provided by wood ash but you don't, as there will be constant wood ash supply from your REXWOOD co-generation unit.

Wood ash can be also used as cement substitute for cement brick manufacture, as Romans did long time ago:

Wood tar is very good as wood antiseptic material (roof cladding, poles, etc.,) or even can be used for medical purposes:

For those who want to get supply of Kiln Dried lumber as well as water supply evaporated from wood in rate of 20 to 30% pct of fresh cut lumber weight, we can offer shipping container installed lumber vacuum dry kilns that produce KD lumber with better quality and in three time less time if compared to conventional KDs.
Here is the gallery of the vacuum KDs:

We, here at REXWOOD, are proud to offer ecology friendly, rapid deployed and sustainable solutions for Off-The-Grid house
construction, life and business!
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